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420 Rounds Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO XM855 62gr FMJ in Ammo Can

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Lake City Winchester M855 (same cartridge as Federal XM855) in stock:

420 rounds in ammo can: WM855420CS 

500 rounds in 125 round boxes: USA855125(500)

420 rounds of newly manufactured Federal XM855 62 grain FMJ cartridges in caliber 5.56 NATO loose-packed in a metal ammo can. This ammunition is loaded with green painted penetrator tip, steel core bullets and is non-corrosive, boxer-primed with fully reloadable brass cases.

This is military style ammunition for your military style AR-15. This ammunition is for use only for chambers marked 5.56 NATO, as are most AR-15 carbines and rifles. Do not use it in sporting rifle chambers marked .223.

XM855 product is first run, first quality product manufactured by the Lake City Ammunition plant in Independence, Missouri for Federal Cartridge. It is made to Federal specifications typical for commercial ammunition. All XM855 product is the same regardless of the sku or part number. The only difference is the package configuration."

XM855 ammunition is 5.56mm contract overrun material. It may not meet all mil-spec requirements, however, it does meet all requirements of commercial ammunition for pressure, form, fit and function. Like any other mass-produced product, there are often imperfections in either appearance or non-functional mechanics. The military is very stringent in their requirements and for good reason. This being the case, it doesn't take much to fall outside of those parameters.

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