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50 Rounds Federal Premium GM38A Gold Medal Match .38 Special 148gr Lead Wadcutter in 50 round boxes

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50 rounds of Federal Gold Medal Match 148gr Lead Wadcutter cartridges in caliber .38 Special. 50 rounds per box, sold by the box. Federal GM38A

The all-around choice for target. The Lead Wadcutter is a versatile design that cuts clean holes in targets.

World class centerfire shooters, military and Law Enforcement officials use the match rifle and handgun cartridges. Gold medal centerfire rifle and handgun cartridges are legendary for extreme accuracy and has become the choice of competition shooters and law enforcement sharpshooters alike. The aerodynamic design of the Sierra matchking bullet helps overcome wind resistance, resulting in flatter trajectory, consistent accuracy and higher retained energy. The handgun calibers come with full metal jackets or full metal jacket semi-wadcutters.

"Target wadcutters offer good penetration, cut tissue efficiently, and have relatively mild recoil. With wadcutters harder alloys and sharper leading edges are the way to go. Wadcutters perform exactly the same in both bare and 4 layer denim covered gel when fired from a 2" J-frame. For example, the Win
148 gr LWC: VEL = 657 f/s, PEN = 20"+, RD = 0.36", RL = 0.64", RW = 147.4 gr When faced with too little penetration, as is common with lightweight .38 Sp JHP loads or too much penetration like with the wadcutters, then go with penetration. Agencies around here have used the Winchester 148 gr standard pressure lead target wadcutter (X38SMRP), as well as the Federal (GM38A) version--both work." Dr. Gary Roberts


Caliber: 38 Special
Bullet Type: Lead Wadcutter
Bullet Weight:148 GR
Muzzle Energy:156 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity:690 fps
Rounds Per Box:50
Boxes Per Case:20
Application:Target/Range Practice

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