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200 Rounds Federal Premium LE Tactical Bonded LE223T1 - .223 Rem 55gr TBBC JSP - Barrier Blind Police Sniper Round

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This is .223 Federal LE Tactical Bonded 55gr Soft Point Ammo. Considered by most experts to be one of the the best .223 "barrier blind"rounds. The Tactical Bonded Rifle Ammunition is another Federal product made exclusively for law enforcement. It achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other ammunition. Designed to defeat the toughest barriers with minimal deflection or deviation for the most intense situations, Tactical Bonded has quickly become the choice for some of the most intense conditions. This ammo is packed in 20rd. boxes in a factory-sealed case of 10 boxes.

This bonded JSP round is designed not to fragment. Its strength lies in its ability to penetrate barriers including windshields and walls with minimal deflection or deviation, and then deeply penetrate and expand in tissue located well behind the barrier.

If running 1/12 twist barrels, stick with this round, the Federal 55 gr TBBC, rather than the 62 gr TBBC.

"The new Federal 5.56 mm 62 gr TBBC bonded JSP (XM556FBIT3), as well as the older .223 55 & 62 gr TBBC bonded JSP's (LE223T1 & LE223T3), the new 5.56 mm Win 64 gr bonded JSP (Q3313/RA556B), and the new 5.56 mm BH 50 gr TSX are the BEST general purpose loads available for LE use today." Dr. Gary Roberts

"However in the wake of the serious terminal performance failures by non-bonded .223 64 gr JSP's due to inadequate penetration into the criminal's Toyota Tundra truck in the July 2010 CHP OIS incident in Oakland, quite a few agencies here have been switching to general issue of Barrier Blind loads like the 55 & 64 gr Gold Dot loads, along with the 55 & 62 gr TBBC loads that previously saw more limited use." 5.56mm Duty Loads by Dr. Gary Robert in pistol-forums.com

Most other acceptable LE barrier blind loadings are at .223 pressures, including the .223 55 & 62 gr Federal bonded JSP Tactical loads (LE223T1 & LE223T3)..." 5.56 mm Duty Loads" by Dr. Gary Roberts in pistol-forums.com

"In 1/7 twist barrels, we've seen the current 5.56 mm FBI 62 gr version (XM556FBIT3) run 1-2" for 10 shots at 100 yds, while the .223 62 gr version (LE223T3) has historically run in the 2.5-3.5" range for the same test. Interestingly, the .223 55 gr version (LE223T1) has run in the 0.5-1.5" range..." Dr. Gary Roberts

For LE Patrol use, where there is a high incidence of potential engagements around or involving vehicles, ammunition that is able to effectively penetrate intermediate barriers, particularly vehicle glass is critical. The best LE 5.56 mm/.223 loads for intermediate barrier penetration are the 62 gr Federal bonded JSP Tactical (LE223T3) and the similarly performing 55 gr Federal bonded JSP load (Tactical--LE223T1 or identical Premium Rifle--P223T2). Dr. Gary Roberts

"The ONLY .223 load we shot which offered adequate penetration after shooting through automobile windshields was the Federal 62 gr Tactical (LE223T3). The trade off is that the Federal Tactical does not fragment, maintains the deepest penetration of any .223 bullet after penetrating walls, and as a result, may not be the best choice for entry or urban settings. (The older Federal 55 gr Tactical (LE223T1) for 1/12 twist weapons offers the same type of deep penetration and performance against automobile windows )." Dr. Gary Roberts AR15.com from the Tactical Forums

"There is little difference between the terminal performance of the 55 and 62 gr TBBC bullets." Dr. Gary Roberts


  • Primer: Compatible with rifles that have a free floating firing pin.
  • Powder: Clean-burning, low-flash, fast-burning propellant boosts velocity through 16- to 20-inch barrels.
  • Brass: Federal® made brass case features a harder case head for exceptional primer retention.
  • Brass: Military-style colored iris gives visual confirmation of proper case metallurgy.
  • Optimized boat-tail profile: For improved accuracy.
  • Molecularly-fused jacket: Totally eliminates component separation, unlike other conventional methods. Fused around a pressure-formed core.
  • Skived tip: Internally skived bullet for consistent long-range expansion.


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