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200 Rounds Winchester Ranger Bonded RA556B - 5.56 NATO 64 Grain Bonded Solid Base JSP - Barrier Blind FBI Duty Round

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Winchester Ranger 5.56mm 64 grain RA556B as currently issued by the FBI.

Protected Soft Point

  • Designed to initiate rapid controlled expansion to quickly stop the threat

Bonded Lead Core

  • Designed to maximize retained weight for consistent terminal performance through a variety of demanding barriers

Extruded Solid Base Design

  • Maximizes penetration even after encountering a difficult barrier such as auto glass

Enhanced Strength 5.56mm Shellcase

  • Crimped primer and cap/mouth sealant


Distance (yards) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Traj
Short Range (in)
muzzle 2750 1293  
50 2617 1171 -0.1
100 2488 1058 0

Here is an update from Molon published 08/05/23: AR15.com

"There are two modern schools of thought regarding the selection of the type of projectile to use in a self-defense load; the first preferring a fragmenting, heavy (75-77 grain) OTM type bullet and the second opting for an expanding “blind-to-barriers” bullet. The top performers in the fragmenting, heavy OTM type  category are Hornady’s 5.56mm 75 grain TAP T2, the Nosler 77 grain Custom Competition and the new Black Hills Ammunition load utilizing the Sierra 77 grain Tipped MatchKing." AR15.com

"The FBI has completed their testing process and awarded a 5.56 mm ammunition contract for up to $97 million dollars. This award is now public information and appears unique in several ways. Besides being perhaps the largest ammunition contract in FBI history, it is also the first time the FBI has mandated a true 5.56 mm pressure loading, rather than the typical anemic .223 pressure loadings that have generally been marketed to LE agencies. The 5.56 mm load offers approximately an extra 200 fps--helping performance out of short barrel weapons and enhancing function when rifles are dirty or in dusty conditions. The new FBI contract also required that the ammunition be packaged on stripper clips to aid in more rapid loading of magazines. Finally, it is the first multi-award carbine ammo contract for the FBI--both Federal Cartridge and Winchester were judged to offer ammunition which met the contract criteria. Numerous other Federal LE agencies are authorized to purchase off this contract.

The 5.56 mm Federal 62 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC) bonded JSP load is XM556FBIT3.

The 5.56 mm Winchester 64 gr solid base bonded JSP is Q3313 on stripper clips/RA556B in 20 rd boxes.

Both of these loads are the best barrier blind 5.56 mm loads ever produced for LE use; they offer outstanding terminal performance, even after first defeating intermediate barriers like vehicle windshields." DocGKR

"The new Federal 5.56 mm 62 gr TBBC bonded JSP (XM556FBIT3), as well as the older .223 55 & 62 gr TBBC bonded JSP's ( LE223T1 & LE223T3), the new 5.56 mm Win 64 gr bonded JSP (Q3313/RA556B), and the new 5.56 mm BH 50 gr TSX are the BEST general purpose loads available for LE use today." Dr. Gary Roberts

"A plethora of 5.56mm/223 Remington loads utilizing expanding barrier-blind projectiles have come to the market in the last several years. One of the top performing loads in this category that is currently issued by the FBI is the Winchester Ranger 5.56mm 64 grain RA556B. Terminal ballistic testing conducted by the esteemed Dr. G.K. Roberts has shown that this load has an average penetration depth of 17.1" in bare 10% ordnance gelatin with a recovered diameter of 0.46" (when fired from a 16" barrel.) After passing through an intermediate barrier of automobile safety glass, the load has an average penetration depth of 13.6" with a recovered diameter of 0.35" (again from a 16" barrel.)"
Molon on Pistol-Forum.com
"The Winchester RA556B load is topped with the Nosler 64 grain Bonded Solid Base projectile. This bullet has a copper base that comprises almost one-third of the length of the projectile. Obviously, the lead core is bonded to the copper jacket. The bullet has a cannelure and a "Protected Point" design for reliable feeding in AR-15s" Molon on Lightfighter.net