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250 Rounds Winchester Ranger T-Series RA45TP - 45 ACP +P 230 grain Jacketed Hollow Point in 50 round black boxes

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250 Rounds Winchester Ranger T-Series RA45TP 45 ACP 230 grain +P Jacketed Hollow Points. UPC:020892210448 MFR#: RA45T

Winchester Ranger T-Series RA45TP 45 ACP 230gr +P Law Enforcement Ammunition. When a situation unfolds, so does the Ranger® T Series handgun ammunition. With an unbeatable combination of expansion and penetration enhanced by engineered segments in the patented SXT®, design, the T Series can be relied on to deliver consistent stopping power in real world situations. Backed by a comprehensive testing and training program, Winchester T Series is ammunition that always performs at its best even when things are at their worst

We also carry 500 round cases of RA45TP.

If you don't need a +P round, consider this other popular Winchester Ranger 230 grain JHP law enforcement round: RA45T
which is just 50 f/s slower and has less recoil.

Arguably one of the best and the most difficult to find 45 ACP self defense rounds.
Winchester goes to great lengths to keep it out of the hands of the public. Further contributing to its scarcity, is that it is only produced once in a while. 250 rounds contained in 5 of the black Winchester T-Series Enhanced 50 round boxes as pictured. This ammunition was manufactured recently at Winchester's new plant in Oxford, Mississippi.

This is the modern day evolution of Winchester's Black Talon cartridge. RA45TP uses the same bullet as the RA45T. The RA45TP is only slightly +P -- with approximately 50 f/s faster muzzle velocity and marginally greater perceived recoil. This slight velocity increase helps bullets with shallow jacket notching expand more reliably.

  • Shellcase: 45 Auto +P nickel plated brass shellcase
  • Bullet: 230 grain (14.9 gram) reverse tapered jacket with six talon design Diameter .451 inch (11.46 mm)
  • Powder: Clean burning, low flash
  • Primer: Winchester non-corrosive primer, boxer type
  • Accuracy: Product Mean of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) Extreme Spread 5 shot targets at 50 yards (45.7 m) from a 5 inch (12.7 cm) SAAMI test barrel
  • Velocity: 985 ft/sec (300 m/s) nominal at 15 ft (4.6 m) Fired in a 5 inch (12.7 cm) standard SAAMI test barrel \
  • Energy: 495 ft-lb (671 joules) nominal at 15 ft (4.6 m)
  • Pressure: 23,000 psi max. average (1,586 bars)
  • Waterproofing: Lacquer applied to primer annulus
  • Ballistic Co-efficient: 0.18
  • Barrel Length: 5.00"
  • Rounds Per Box: 50

"Bullet designs like the Silver Tip, Hydra-Shok, and Black Talon were state of the art 15 or 20 years ago. These older bullets tend to plug up and act like FMJ projectiles when shot through heavy clothing; they also often have significant degradation in terminal performance after first passing through intermediate barriers. Modern ammunition which has been designed for robust expansion against clothing and intermediate barriers is significantly superior to the older designs. The bullets in the Federal Classic and Hydra-Shok line are outperformed by other ATK products such as the Federal Tactical and HST, as well as the Speer Gold Dot; likewise Winchester Ranger Talons are far superior to the old Black Talons or civilian SXT's." Dr. Gary Roberts