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500 Round Case IMI M193 5.56 NATO 55 Grain FMJ in 20 round boxes - First Quality Military Ammo!

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500 Rounds IMI M193 5.56 NATO 55 Grain FMJ in 20 round boxes shipped in factory case.

Genuine first run, first quality, newly manufactured military ammunition for your AR-15/M16, as used by the Israeli Defense Forces. 500 rounds of IMI (Israel Military Industries) M193 55 grain FMJBT cartridges in caliber 5.56 NATO. Packaged 20 Rounds per box, 50 boxes shipped in storage box. New production (2016), non corrosive, non-magnetic, brass cased, Boxer primed, and reloadable. Tar mouth seal, lacquer sealed primers. This is widely regarded as the finest M193 ammunition manufactured.

This is military ammunition for your military style AR-15. This ammunition is for use only for chambers marked 5.56 NATO, as are most AR-15 carbines and rifles. Do not use it in sporting rifle chambers marked .223.

"The IMI stuff is the best M193 that I have come across." Molon - AR15.com


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