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500 Rounds Winchester Ranger T-Series RA9TA - 9mm 127 grain +P+ Jacketed Hollow Point

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New production (2023 - present). Winchester Ranger 9mm T-Series 127grain +P+ hollow point ammo. For use only in firearms approved for +P+ ammo, this ammo is about 20-25% higher than standard pressure, which can damage some guns and can be a danger to the operator. Please consult with the firearm manufacturer if in doubt about using +P+ ammo. Winchester won't sell it commercially, only to the law enforcement market, due to the +P+ pressure rating. This is the most powerful 9mm ammo you can buy, for use in highest quality, law enforcement grade pistols. Not recommended for UZI or other carbine length barrels.

While you're here, pick up some practice rounds for your RA9TA: Federal AE9AP or Winchester Q4318.

"The 127 grain Winchester +P+ has long since proven itself to "hit above its weight class" in a great many shootings involving many very satisfied police departments. It's my load of choice in G26 and larger 9mm Glocks."

"All I can tell you is that at the moment at my place, my G19 Gen5 is loaded with 127 +P+ Winchester Ranger-T, and my lovely bride's Glock 43 is loaded with Speer 124 grain +P Gold Dot." Mas Ayoob in GlockTalk

"The Winchester 127 grain +P+ Ranger-T is still my favorite 9mm load. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to find." Mas Ayoob

The Winchester Ranger T Series handgun ammunition is designed to provide reliable performance and stopping power in real-world situations. The ammunition incorporates engineered segments within the patented SXT® design, which is intended to enhance both expansion and penetration.

Ranger T Series ammunition undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure that the ammunition consistently performs effectively even in challenging circumstances.

It's worth noting that ammunition performance can vary depending on factors such as barrel length, firearm design, and individual shooting conditions. It's always recommended to test different types of ammunition in your specific firearm to determine its reliability and accuracy.


  • Shellcase: 9mm Luger nickel plated brass shellcase with six talon design
  • Bullet: 127 grain, reversed tapered jacket
  • Powder: Low flash, clean burning.
  • Primer: Winchester non-corrosive boxer-type primer
  • Accuracy: Product mean of 1.25" Extreme Spread Five shot targets at 50 yards from a 4" SAAMI test barrel.
  • Velocity: 1240 ft/sec nominal at 15 ft using a SAAMI standard 4"test barrel.
  • Muzzle Energy: 433 ft-lb.
  • Pressure: 42,000 psi max. average
  • Waterproofing: Lacquer applied to primer annulus
  • Ballistic Co-efficient: 0.15